Facial Hair Transplant

Often, when you think about hair loss, you imagine balding and thinning of the hair on the scalp. However, the head is not the only area to experience reduced hair growth. As you age, certain medical conditions, or nutritional deficiencies may cause you to start seeing your eyebrows or facial hair becoming thinner. No matter the reason behind your hair loss, it is easy to feel self-conscious about your appearance. Now, you can restore your confidence with thicker eyebrows or a fuller beard and sideburns with Precision Hair Restoration. In as little as one day, a minimally invasive treatment will transform your appearance.

Eyebrow Transplant Surgery

If you have lost your perfect eyebrows due to overplucking, nutrient deficiency, a medical condition, or from aging, you can redefine your eyes with thicker eyebrows. We offer an eyebrow transplant surgery that harvests healthy hair grafts from a donor site. Typically, the hairs are gathered from the back of the head (occipital area) and transplanted to the brow area to give you your desired brow shape. The transplanted hair will look natural and will grow just like it did in its original location, so you will need to trim is periodically.

This treatment has a very high success rate while being minimally invasive. Using a local anesthesia, you will experience little to no discomfort while undergoing the entire procedure in just one day. Now, you can say good-bye to eyebrow pencils and feeling self-conscious with eyebrow transplant surgery.

Facial Hair (sideburns, mustache, beard)

It is not uncommon for men to have a patchy beard or mustache while others live with thin sideburns. Often, genetics plan a large role in thin facial hair. Although you cannot change your genes, you can get thick, consistent facial hair with a transplant procedure.

With our facial hair transplant surgery, we harvest hair grafts from the back of your head and transplant them to the areas on your face that need treated. Since your own hair is used for harvesting, your new hair growth will look natural to restore your confidence.

The NeoGraft transplant procedure is minimally invasive while offering a high success rate. We use a local anesthesia while harvesting and transplanting to ensure your comfort. The entire treatment only takes one day. In just a few short weeks, you will start to see new hair growth to boost your confidence.

Treat Facial Hair Loss Today

When living with facial hair loss, it is easy to feel embarrassed or self-conscious about your appearance. Now, you do not have to live with low self-esteem any longer. Our hair replacement procedure is quick, comfortable, and successful. You will not need a lengthy recovery time and do not need to worry about unnatural-looking results.

If you are ready to benefit from a revolutionary hair transplant procedure, it is time to schedule your consultation with Precision Hair Restoration. Dr. Wiesman, a triple board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeon, will create a truly natural look using a treatment plan that caters to your specific situation.