Eyebrow Restoration – Highland Park, IL

Revitalize Your Thinning Eyebrows with Hair Restoration

Age, hormone fluctuations, dietary deficiencies, and other factors can lead to thinning of your eyebrows. As they lose their fullness, it is easy to feel insecure about your changing appearance. To solve the problem, you can spend time penciling them in or choose a temporary fix with microblading, but neither option will look or feel like your natural eyebrows. You are not out of options. You can enjoy a long-lasting solution with eyebrow restoration in Highland Park. NeoGraft will restore your thinning eyebrows using your own hair.

Restore Your Eyebrows

woman's eyebrowsYour eyebrows play a crucial role in creating symmetry to your face while also creating a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. As one of the first facial features society looks at, you can lose your confidence when they no longer frame your eyes like they once had. You can permanently restore them with NeoGraft.

NeoGraft is a leading treatment for hair restoration in Highland Park. Not only is it used to treat baldness and thinning hair on the scalp but the face as well, including the eyebrows. The treatment uses automated Follicular Unit Extraction to easily harvest hairs from the lateral part of your scalp. Each hair is individually grafted to the treatment area of your eyebrows.

The hairs are transplanted to meet your exact needs, including the size and shape of the eyebrow. The proper angulation of the hair follicles is vital to achieving aesthetically pleasing results, which is why we take the time to carefully transplant each follicle to accomplish the correct design.

Unlike other hair restoration treatments, NeoGraft offers exceptional benefits, including:

  • Natural-looking results.
  • No stitches or scalpels.
  • No scaring.
  • Fast and easy recovery.
  • Permanent results in as little as one session.

Is NeoGraft Right for Me?

man with full eyebrowsYou will require an initial consultation to ensure you are a candidate for the treatment. Your current level of hair growth is assessed and the results you want to achieve are discussed. A customized treatment plan is created to revitalize the thickness of your eyebrows using the unique transplant technique.

What Can I Expect with after NeoGraft?

woman's eyebrow designAfter your treatment, you will notice your eyebrows are denser and fuller as you enjoy an easy recovery process. You will experience almost no discomfort, allowing you to resume your normal activities the next day.

Within the next few weeks, your transplanted hairs will shed, which is normal. The recently transplanted follicles will generate new hair. As the next few months pass, you will see new hair growth through a gradual process.

Since the hair is transplanted from your scalp, it will continue to grow. As a result, you will need to trim your eyebrows regularly.

Restore Your Confidence Today!

If you are ready to skip the hassle of eyebrow pencils or microblading, it is time to see if NeoGraft is right for you. Precision Hair Restoration has the solution you need to grow back your confidence naturally. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.