3 Risks of Eyebrow Threading

March 24, 2020

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Woman after eyebrow restoration in Highland Park.Your eyebrows are an important aspect of communication and facial expression while also keeping debris, sweat, and water out of your eyes. As you go about your day, you probably don’t put much thought into their function, but you might think about their appearance. Nowadays, people are spending more time than ever ensuring their eyebrows have the perfect shape. As an alternative to tweezers and waxing, many people are turning to a hot trend. Eyebrow threading is a popular way to achieve the ideal shape and remove unwanted hair. Unfortunately, if you aren’t careful, you might find yourself needing eyebrow restoration in Highland Park. Here are 3 reasons that may make you reconsider eyebrow threading.

1. Many People Practice Without a Cosmetology License

Although eyebrow threading is an ancient hair removal technique, it has only become popular in the U.S. a few years ago. As more people claim to have mastered the craft, it’s offered in a variety of settings besides salons.

Unfortunately, not everyone who offers eyebrow threading has a cosmetology license. As a result, they may not follow the correct safety standards and guidelines, placing your general wellness at risk.  In addition, it can cause serious damage to the skin and hair follicles if it’s not done properly.

2. Possible Spread of Staph or Other Infections

Without the right training, simple safety and disinfecting precautions might be overlooked, like using the same threads for multiple customers. This can spread staph infections and contagious skin conditions. When eyebrow threading is performed by an unqualified person, it’s not uncommon for there to be bleeding or pinched skin during the treatment, leaving the patient at risk of potentially serious complications.

3. Results Can Vary Greatly Depending on Skill

Threading can be much safer than waxing or even shaving; however, results can vary significantly depending on who is performing the treatment. If you choose a qualified and licensed professional, you can enjoy defined results with little risk of complications; however, the wrong threading practitioner could lead to potentially serious concerns, like “threading warts,” staph infections, or removing too much hair.

Invest in Your Eyebrows

If you choose eyebrow threading, take the time to research the practitioner to ensure they are trained and qualified to safely offer the treatment. If your eyebrows have thinned or been damaged, you can restore their appearance with NeoGraft.

The eyebrow restoration treatment provides long-lasting results. You can shape your new brows in any way to create symmetry and aesthetically pleasing results because it uses your own hair and a unique follicular extraction technique. You can invest in your eyebrows using a revolutionary treatment.

About Dr. Irvin Wiesman

Dr. Irvin Wiesman is a hair loss specialist in Chicago. He can treat other areas besides the scalp using an innovative treatment. If your eyebrows are less than perfect, it’s time to see if you’re a candidate for NeoGraft. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation for eyebrow restoration.

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