5 Indicators of Hair Loss for Men in Their 20s

October 16, 2019

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young man smilingOver the years, you expect to lose a few hairs here and there. Although male hair loss is often attributed with age, it might occur earlier than you had expected. You’re not alone. About 25% of men will experience male pattern baldness by the age of 21. If you’re among those who have lost their hair in their 20s, it’s easy to feel insecure about your appearance. If you’ve noticed any of the 5 signs of thinning hair in Chicago, don’t wait to turn back the hands of time using an effective solution.

Signs of Male Hair Loss

Male hair loss can be the result of several issues, like genetics, hormonal changes, or stress. No matter the cause, there are various signs of hair loss. Although they may not always be obvious at first, here are the most common indicators of thinning hair:

  1. Receding Hairline

As your hair thins, your forehead may appear larger. It may not seem concerning at first, but you’re slowly losing hair near your temples or forehead. Eventually, it can create an M-shaped pattern at the hairline.

  • Thinning Crown

Losing hair in the crown area can be difficult to detect until it becomes a big problem. Generally, your hair will feel thinner overall while you may also experience a bit of shedding. Over time, you may see a large bald patch.

  • Changes to Hairstyling

As you lose your hair, you might notice it isn’t easy to style it anymore. It may not be the result of ineffective products or a bad haircut. Instead, it could be caused by hair loss.

  • Hairs Lying Around

If you see more than your pet’s fur on your clothes or pillowcase, you might be losing more hair than you thought. The average person loses 100-125 hairs per day; however, if you’re noticing more hair on the bathroom counter, in the shower drain, or on your shirt, it might be time to schedule a hair restoration consultation.

  • Sunburned Scalp

Your hair is important for more than just aesthetics. It also covers your scalp to protect it from UV rays. If your scalp is more susceptible to a sunburn than in the past, it can be the result of hair loss.

Treat Your Thinning Hair

If you’ve experienced hair loss, you don’t need to cover yourself with a hat or avoid social settings. There is an effective, minimally invasive solution for hair restoration in Chicago. NeoGraft is a simple treatment that transplants your own hair to specific areas using a unique harvesting method. You’ll enjoy natural-looking results to feel confident again.

About Dr. Irvin Wiesman

Dr. Irvin Wiesman is a board-certified plastic surgeon who offers a variety of elective treatments. Although he specializes in hand and microvascular surgery, he is also qualified in NeoGraft, a revolutionary hair restoration treatment. If you’ve experienced hair loss, Dr. Wiesman can help. Contact Precision Hair Restoration today to schedule a consultation.

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