What are My Options to Treat Hair Loss in Chicago?

June 10, 2017

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Treat hair loss in Chicago with NeoGraft. As you run your hands through your hair, what do you feel? Do you have thick healthy strands flowing through your fingers? If your answer is no, you may be suffering from a common problem. Despite your best efforts, you may start to notice that your hair is no longer as thick or as vibrant as it was in the past. Although many tend to believe this only affects men, women can suffer from baldness and hair loss as well. As your lush locks start to fade, your confidence will start to decrease. Now, you can treat hair loss in Chicago at Precision Hair Restoration. We will help you grown back your confidence naturally.

Why am I Losing My Hair?

Although hair loss is often attributed with age and genetics, it can occur for several reasons, such as hormone changes. It is not uncommon for pregnancy and age-related hormone imbalances to cause your hair to start to thin. In addition, stress and nutritional deficiencies play a large role in the issue as well. In some cases, medications or underlying health conditions, like Lupus, can cause the problem.

Can I Stop My Hair from Falling Out?

In some cases, you can reverse thinning hair, but you must first find the underlying cause of the problem in order to correct it. If the issue is due to stress, iron deficiency, or another treatable factor, you can improve your hair loss without any additional intervention. Instead, simply change your diet and lifestyle habits. However, if age or genetics are the cause, you may need hair restoration in Chicago.

How Can Hair Restoration Help Me?

At Precision Hair Restoration, we offer a state-of-the-art solution to regain a full head of hair. NeoGraft is an FDA-approved treatment that is safe, fast, and effective. Unlike other options, you do not have to worry about scars, stitches, or staples. The noninvasive procedure uses grafts of your own hair, so your results will look natural.

During the procedure, we will collect individual hair follicles from the back of your head. Each group will contain one to four hairs, which are then placed in specific areas where you are having an issue. Your body will accept the transplant and it will begin to grow naturally. You can cut, wash, and even style it without any concern.

This groundbreaking treatment can be used to treat an array of hair loss issues, including those associated with trauma, age, and genetics. It is versatile, allowing it to be performed on several areas, not just the head. You can get fuller, thicker eyebrows, sideburns, and even facial hair.

Can I Prevent Hair Loss?

After you have restored your thinning hair, it is important to maintain a healthy diet and reduce stress levels to reduce the risk for future hair loss. By properly caring for your body and hair, you will help to preserve your beauty and your confidence.

How Can I Restore My Hair?

If you are ready for fuller, thicker hair, it is time to schedule your consultation with Precision Hair Restoration. We’ll create the customized treatment plan you need to regain your confidence.


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